When Abundance Is The Destination
How do you reach any destination? First you have to get clear about exactly where you want to end up? Right? What ticket are you buying? What’s your goal? How will you know when you have arrived? What are the indicators of success?

Most people don’t take the time to get clear in absolutely excruciating detail about the destination – they waste their time giving lip-service to wanting abundance without doing the hard yards of getting clear…

If you don’t make your vision crystal clear it is extremely unlikely you will ever arrive. Clarity is utterly essential – otherwise you will likely become waylaid.

Let’s face it – life is full of distractions. Some of them pretty powerful. If your sights are not set, then what’s to stop you missing your mark? Every moment of your life, something is demanding you attention – how will you ensure that it is something that contributes to your sense of a bountiful life?

It’s not enough to dream of having a fuller cup. You need to know exactly what the ‘cup-overflowing experience’ actually looks and feels like – what is the proverbial cup filled to the brim with?

Practice Clarity
Clarity. In every sense. Literally. Bring it into FOCUS – as though you were already living it. See it as though you had arrived. Taste it as though you were drinking it in right now. Close your eyes and imagine the smells you would encounter in your lavish life. With eyes still closed, reach out and imagine you could touch aspects of your new rarified reality. Bring the whole experience closer to you – as close as possible. Step into it fully and wholeheartedly.

I touched on this in #1 when we discussed commitment. But here I want to go into more detail about the importance of clarity.

If you don’t take the time to get clear about your personal vision of plentiful – the risk is you will hook onto a general mass produced version of it. This is the “I want to win the lotto and never have to work again” mantra that people sprout mindlessly. You might be able to enjoy this life for a few weeks or months at best – but the vast majority of people would soon grow breathtakingly bored with just laying around doing nothing but spending money. So boring!

You need to stop and ask yourself: What would actually make me feel ‘abundant’ in life? What currently makes me feel rich or blessed? This is the beauty of the previous step (see Mistake #2) – Gratitude puts you in touch with the actual rather than the imaginary of a bountiful being-ness. Money is not really the desired destination – we hook onto it because its an obvious ‘vehicle’ that might help us in getting there: “If I had money then I could…”

Trouble with this is we start to mistake money for the destination. Trouble with this is, we are waiting for money to show up before we allow ourselves to FEEL ABUNDANTLY about our life. But, the thing is, maybe you don’t need to wait. Maybe wealth is already all around you, and by ignoring it, you’re keeping more riches at a distance.

Look, maybe you do want lots of cold, hard cash. That’s fine. But just step back for a minute and check in. Put cash to one side, assume money isn’t an issue for you – what would you do with that financial freedom? How would you spend your actual days? Be grounded about it. What actually brings you joy, pleasure, happiness, contentment, fulfilment…?

Here’s a few down-to-earth examples to get you thinking:

  • Daily walks on the beach
  • Regular time with good friends
  • Laughter
  • Helping others
  • Travelling to new places & cultures
  • Connecting with nature & animals
  • Time with your family
  • Continually learning and improving yourself
  • Daily meditation or yoga practice
  • Contributing to the world in a meaningful way
  • Being deeply engaged in a career you love
  • Music and dancing
  • Viewing fine art
  • Drinking fine wine
  • Stopping to watch a thunderstorm…
  • Activity to Complete:

    Okay. Now I want you to come up with your own list. A rich life includes…

    Write 20 or 30 things that increase your sense of fullness. Reflect on times where you have felt deeply satiated by the moment you were in. And if you cannot find any from your past, then make some up, dream into it, tell a story of you living your best, most bounteous life.

    Do it now. You’ll be one step closer to realising it.

    Leave your comments below. I want to hear about your vision for a deeply fulfilling life.

    Michelle McClintock
    Results Coach

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