“There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

— Nelson Mandela


Hey, I'm Michelle...

I’m Michelle McClintock – a professional life coach with 30-years experience in change work.

I am based in Brisbane, Australia and I work with people right around Australia, as well as Internationally (via phone or video chat).

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For as long as I can remember, I have been deeply interested in human potential, growth and change. I guess you could call me a growth-geek!

In fact, it’s been my life’s mission to understand the exact mechanisms, skills and habits that enable people to overcome adversity, grow through life’s challenges and fulfil their highest potential.

Why work with me
Look, there are lots of life coaches out there, so why work with me…?

Most coaches don’t have my 30-years experience and training in psychology, psychotherapy and awareness facilitation. I believe that makes me truly unique in this field. I have helped many thousands of people to change their lives; it’s what I love to do!

Over the years, working on myself and others, I came to understand that there is one single thing that has the capacity to change people’s lives more profoundly than anything – it’s when we are connected to our life purpose.

Whatever you call it – your passion, your mission or your vision for your life – it’s the thing you were born to bring into being, and its the key to your deepest fulfilment.

Nothing excites me more than seeing what is possible when you trust you have a purpose and follow your heart with fearless intent. And nothing gives my life more meaning than helping people connect to and live out their full potential.

I believe that each of us holds inside us, a beautiful and poetic solution to every frustrating problem or irritating obstacle. We are the answer to our own question – but sadly we usually cannot see the wood for the trees. We are too damn close to ourselves and our problematic mindset to get clear, and so we flounder around feeling like a fake and an imposter in our own lives. We harbour these secret dreams about who we could be – but we just can’t seem to turn dreams into reality.


How I work with you
As a coach and awareness facilitator, I help you gain the necessary perspective that enables you to see yourself and your life purpose clearly. Once you’re connected to your true vision, living out your hearts’ work becomes not only completely achievable, but something you jump out of bed each day to focus on!

Life feels fulfilled and every day becomes a joy! This is how it should be…

And the results of our coaching will stick, because they come, not from me and all my impressive experience, but from you and all your deep, boundless wisdom.

What qualifies me to coach
With 30-years professional training and experience as a psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor, facilitator, business mentor and coach, I am more than qualified to help you get busy and fulfilled doing what you love.

But beyond all my degrees and stuff, I believe what really qualifies me to be your coach, is my own mission to live life fearlessly in pursuit of my passion and dreams, and to remain fully committed to living a healthy, balanced and richly fulfilling life. I’m not saying I have always succeeded (just ask my friends!), but this is what drives everything I do…

I guess I have always believed that deep and lasting fulfilment is the height of human potential…and so it’s been my personal mission to create that for myself and others.

If you connect with what I am saying, and find your life is falling short of living your potential, then simply schedule your complimentary IGNITE Session, which will help you gain clarity and ignite your passion for creating a life you truly love!

What People Are Saying About Michelle

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients explain how coaching has helped them!

I have found Michelle very knowledgeable, sincere and an excellent practitioner, and I would highly recommend her services. Not only is she very easy to talk to but she is very patient and understanding.

Monika Webb, Kobble Creek, QLD

At first I was unsure about the benefits of coaching but as soon as I signed up for Michelle’s blog, and downloaded her free coaching programme I understood clearly. These days I look forward to each of our discussions – Michelle creates a safe and encouraging space to reflect, challenge yourself, and take risks. Her extensive experience is evident in every interaction and with her guidance I am becoming a better version of my true self.

Nicole Pearce, Holland Park, QLD

Michelle is the consummate professional who greets you as you are and respectively shows you how to reach your hidden potential. A truly wonderful service.

Sinead Mitchell, UK

Thank you Michelle. I am really excited about the prospect of using the tools you helped me discover within myself. I left our session feeling lighter and more in control than I have ever felt over the issue I brought to our session. I feel wonderful!!!

Deb Morrison, Samford, QLD

Michelle was born for this. Solid advice and understanding is second nature to her. I cannot thank her enough for the work she’s done with me.

Dave Woods, Alderley, QLD

Michelle is a wonderful down-to-earth no-nonsense but caring coach, gently helping you identify your purpose and pitfalls, with clear outcomes in mind. She is very approachable and has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Su Tindall, Mt Samson, QLD

I have great hopes for my future knowing that I now have Michelle on my side to help me face the challenges ahead.

Joanne, Byron Bay, NSW

You have helped me see the possibilities of joy and exhilaration in risk, faith and optimism – what a wonderful thing!

Robert, NSW

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