Is it worth having a life coach?

You ask, is it worth having a life coach?

Brilliant question because you are trying to weigh up the value that having a coach could bring to your life and turns out, that’s exactly the right way to be thinking about it. Deciding if coaching is for you or not really comes down to 2 big questions:

1. Are your dreams worth the investment?
2. Are you worth the investment?

Let’s explore both questions in a little more detail.

1. Are Your Dreams Worth The Investment?

People who have coaches value their personal and professional dreams. They want to actively participate in shaping the world they live in. They are conscious co-creators. They make things happen, rather than sit around and hope things will happen. They are deeply connected to their values (or want to be); and deeply connected to their vision (or want to be).

They are clear (or are working to get clear) on what results they want.

Okay, so let’s say a coach could help you achieve anything that you wanted in your life (and I truly believe a good coach can help you do this).

What result would make it worth it for you?

The goal could be anything; say happy, enduring relationships; or a successful career that makes a difference to the world in some way; or financial freedom that allows you to pursue your passions and desires at will. It might be a health or wellbeing goal or the development of your personal mission statement.

What did you come up with? Do you have a goal that’s worth investing in?

And, what would it be worth (emotionally, spiritually, financially, energetically etc.) to attain this goal? Can you quantify what it would be worth in terms of increase in income, increased fulfilment, leaving a legacy that matters, reaching your potential?

Now take just 1 minute to go ahead and imagine it. Imagine that you had overcome all the obstacles, internal and external, and brought your dream into reality? Transport yourself into that future; see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it, touch it. Immerse yourself in your new reality completely.

Okay, come back.

Would that result be worth 3, 6, 12 months of coaching support?

It really comes down to this: how much do you care about what you want to achieve in this lifetime? Are you determined to give yourself the very best chance of success?

If your goals are not significant enough to you, and if they are not deeply aligned with your values, then it is unlikely that you will reach them. You will most likely become overwhelmed, distracted and lose motivation or belief. Life will ‘get in the way’ as it inevitably does.

But, if you really value your big vision, and on top of that, you are determined to bring it into reality, and additionally, you are willing to surround yourself with a team that supports you….well, then you will certainly reach your goals. In fact, it’s likely you will even exceed them.

Would it be worth investing time, energy and money into coaching if you could achieve everything you want?

If yes, then coaching is right for you. You are a go-getter. You want to create something significant in your time on this planet. You have a powerful motivator that will drive you to success. Having a coach will benefit you beyond your wildest dreams.

If not, coaching probably isn’t for you! Hey, it’s not for everyone.

2. Are You Worth The Investment?

Realising our dreams is deeply entwined with our self-worth.

If you are interested but still hesitating then a second question I would ask is: Do you believe you are worth it?

Or deep down are you struggling with questions of your own worth and validity? Perhaps your fears and doubts are ruling you. This could be because your vision isn’t big enough to motivate you to overcome these personal insecurities. Whatever the reason, self-value is your limiting factor, and you’ll have to decide to challenge this low-self-esteem to get the most from your coaching.

You see, people who get coaches value themselves and their dreams. They see themselves and their goals as worthwhile, and they know they need an experienced coach to help them attain the goals and lifestyle they are seeking.

They don’t leave it to chance – they back themselves 100% and go after their dreams in every area of their life. They understand that great success requires consistent focus and effort, and that it is impossible to look objectively at one’s own life/performance and direct oneself in the most beneficial ways.

Even the most successful people get stuck in ruts. Everyone struggles to step out of their own beliefs & limiting thought patterns. Successful people value the eyes of another; the clarity and objectivity, someone who can be honest with them; challenge them to go further; help them out of their habitual ways of thinking, and to create a faster, more efficient and effective path to their ideal life.

In summary, the value of coaching really depends on the value you place on yourself and on your life’s dreams.

To living your best life,

Michelle Mcclintock
Results Coach

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