So This Is Christmas

So this is Christmas.
And what have you done?
Another year over,
And a new one just begun

John Lennon’s ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’

Wishin’ You A Very Happy Christmas

It’s almost the end of the freakin’ year! Can you believe it?? Seems to come around so fast…

And with that, the New Year is almost upon us! So I have a question for you…

What are you planning to create in 2019?????

Have you thought about it yet??

Because now is the perfect time to be reflecting; using the energy of this magical time of year! You know, because we naturally get all reflective and start thinking about ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ working in our lives…and that makes it a great time to mull over your vision for the year ahead.

So I challenge you. Instead of making some wishy-washy New Year’s Resolutions, that you stick to for about 4 hours, DO THIS INSTEAD. Set aside a couple of hours and create your Ultimate Vision for the coming year!

Christmas Gift: Vision Your Ultimate Year

To help you achieve that, I wanted to create something special for you. And so I have been working away, like a busy Christmas elf, designing this special tool over the past few weeks, just for you.

I really want you to prosper in 2019! I want you to create the kind of year you deserve to have. And that’s why I designed this little tool. It will help you clarify who you want to be, what you want be doing, feeling and achieving so you can create even more fulfilment in the coming 12 months.

I call this tool the ‘Visioning Your Ultimate Year’ tool, and you can download it below.

It’s based on the latest research in coaching and personal development…and although the questions might seem simple, I warn you – don’t underestimate the power of a well crafted question to change your life – especially at Christmas!

I’ve had a good look around and I think its the best little ‘yearly visioning tool’ out there!

There’s 3 versions. A Word doc that can be filled out on your computer or printed (you can easily edit it, add or remove things and just make it your own). Then there are 2 PDF versions – one simple crisp white version and one with a more luxurious deep blue vibe! You can print these out and fill them out by hand – or if you have the ability to edit PDF’s, then you’re good to go with editing these as well.

Take your pick below:

And so Happy Christmas…

I hope you do have a fantastic Christmas and New Years’ Eve, and I look forward to supporting you and working together in 2019!

Enjoy, stay safe and have compassion for all living beings this holiday period!

I’m about to take off for a few weeks. I’ll be back (officially) around the 14th Jan, but happy to be contacted by email or phone if this is a good time for you to get in touch.

With love
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Michelle McClintock

Michelle McClintock

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Michelle McClintock is a Life & Business Mindset Strategist who specialises in transforming your mindset so you can experience more peace, happiness, success and fulfilment.

Michelle has 30-years experience in personal development, as a Psychologist, Facilitator, Speaker and Results Coach. She loves it when people get new insights that spark massive growth and positive transformation.

Through her writing and videos she makes complex coaching and psychology ideas easy to digest and assimilate, so you can create your ultimate life.

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