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Hi I’m Michelle, business mindset & results coach for authentic individuals who want to prosper from their passion, make a difference in the world, and craft a truly balanced and abundant life.

I know it’s hard to believe in your dreams when you feel…


Hating your job, and not being able to enjoy time off because you’re just tired of living this boring and unhappy work life.


Overwhelmed with so many ideas and thoughts and don’t know where to start.


Concerned you’ll never discover what truly makes you happy, and what really drives you.



(you have always felt this)


  • Maybe right now you’re stuck in some 9-5 job and feel like you are wasting every precious minute living for someone else’s dream.
  • Maybe you are worried you don’t have the time or energy to commit to your own dreams.
  • Maybe you haven’t even figured out what your purpose is…and that makes it even harder to dream about!
  • Maybe it’s all of the above.

    But I am here to tell you – you’re allowed! You’re allowed to dream. You’re allowed to do something truly fulfilling. You’re allowed to earn what you are worth.

    But How?

    What if I told you your current circumstances don’t have to stop you. What if I told you that your dreams are looking for you and ready to be found. What if I told you that there’s a proven process that will help you uncover what it is you want to do?

    I’m aware that it probably feels as if your dreams are very distant, and that you are way off track.

    But the truth is: You are exactly where you are meant to be right now, and soon, you’ll look back and clearly see that everything you’ve ever been through makes perfect sense and was actually necessary to enable you to become the best version of yourself and share your gifts with the world.

    Maybe you doubt me.

    I mean, who am I and how would I know?

    I know because I have been blessed enough to have lived both sides of this coin. When I was young, still a teenager, I was deeply called to the profession of psychology, and went on to have a successful and deeply rewarding career for two decades as a psychologist, psychotherapist and group facilitator.

    Then, after 20 years, something changed. I no longer felt I was on the right path. Almost overnight, I became lost and everything that I had worked for and established over the years began to deteriorate and fall away. I searched for the right path, but couldn’t find it, and gradually became aimless and depressed.

    Eventually, after several years of this, I ended up in a 9-5 job that frankly I was lucky to get, but which I despised. It was the definition of toxic workplace and I had let my partner talk me into applying for this job when my natural instinct was to get back into business. I let my partner’s fears dominate me and my poor choices came back to haunt me.

    I stuck it out for 3 years, but I hated what my life had become. I wanted something more – on every level. But my self-esteem was so low by this point that I had begun to doubt whether I would ever feel connected to a greater purpose again. I felt stupid, weak, passionless and my life had become utterly meaningless. I felt utterly alone. How had I let myself fall so far??

    It was then that I realised I had to make a break, with no one to guide me…

    …except my inner self, whose voice was dim after years of being ignored. But she was there…and she was hanging on for something better…so I chose in that moment to listen…to trust…to leap…

    My Journey Back To Purpose

    So I made a decision to change everything that was not working. I left my controlling partner. I left that toxic workplace, still with no idea what was next for me…I just jumped into the unknown…

    It was tough at first, but I reached out, I researched, I watched videos and took courses, I even hired a coach to support me, and finally after much trial and error and soul searching, I finally found my passion and purpose once again.

    And as soon as I named it, my entire life began to pivot. The dead wood fell away. It was as though finding my purpose pulled everything into sharp focus, and the things and people that did not belong in my life simply and abruptly came to an end.

    I won’t lie – I was scared on many occasions. There was a lot of sudden change because I had let things deteriorate so badly. But it was also exhilarating because I could feel my heart beating again. I knew that my calling had found me and that with inner strength and outer support, I would find a way through, unscathed. And I did.

    In only 18-months, I went from being completely lost, hopeless and on the verge of declaring bankruptcy to uncovering my true purpose and passion, starting my own coaching business and getting my finances back on track…Along the way, I figured out a system to help others avoid the uncertainty that I went through.

    And that’s why I am giving this information away for free to anyone who is committed to making a change. Because I’ve been where you are now…and frankly, it sucks…but I can promise you, it’s not as hard as you think to change your life, and it’s so much easier than staying trapped in that passionless void.

    So now you know my story, what I went through, and how my 5-Step Guide was born…

    This free guide will show you where to begin, help you clarify your passions and strengths, then walk you through a simple exercise that will bring greater clarity on your purpose. Then, it will show you the next steps, provide you with some key questions, and highlight a major pitfall to avoid on the path. Plus I’ll be cheering you on and sending you some extra coaching tips along the way. Plus I encourage you to email me anytime if you have questions and I will personally get back to you!

    Did I mention it is completely free? So there’s nothing to lose…

    So let’s begin. Enter your details below to get instant access to my 5-Step guide.

    Free Download

    Get moving towards your dreams! Your 5-Step Guide will be delivered to your inbox pronto!

    You'll also receive extra bonuses and powerful coaching tips from me!!

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