“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman

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Are You Living Your Purpose?


Do you dream of serving others? Of doing work that is both satisfying and meaningful?

Do you feel you have a big purpose or dream for your life or career; something you were put on the planet to do or be – but you’re not living into that yet?

Would you like to do what you love for a living and experience deep  fulfilment on a daily basis?

Where Are You On Your Path?

Maybe you have identified a skill, talent, gift or just ‘life experience‘ that you want to share with others in order to make a difference.

Maybe you are well on your way to aligning your life with your deepest values and talents, but you have recognised you could use some focused support to take things to the next level.

Maybe you’ve only been sharing a fraction of what’s deep inside you – and now you feel called to give it ALL – because life is short and we are here to live it to the full.

Maybe you’re dreaming about what might be possible, if only there weren’t so many obstacles, challenges or outright overwhelm…if only you had more support, more clarity, more direction…


Create Your Ultimate Life!
Regardless of your current set of circumstances, you can create your ultimate life! You can pursue your passions and make a healthy and sustainable income doing so. You can change your mindset, and create powerful habits that drive peak performance in your chosen field of interest.

Most importantly, you can start exactly where you are at, with the resources available to you at this moment, with your clarity and motivation levels just as they are…

You Just Need A Plan…

And that’s where my approach to coaching comes in. I can help you design a clear and simple plan. And I will support you to turn your plan into action by addressing any issues that are stopping you from getting started, such as motivation, energy levels, skill development, productivity and time management.

And once you do make a start, you’ll find that you make more progress, get more done, find greater clarity and energy – more than you would have ever thought possible from your position of standing still…Because once you have clarity, passion and purpose fueling you, you’ll find life gets behind you 100%.


Book Now & Start Living On Purpose

People who do what they love are happier, healthier, more productive and fulfilled.

Would you like to join that crowd?

Imagine your life:

Jumping out of bed each morning, excited about what your day holds; feeling deeply satisfied every day from contributing in a way that makes use of your unique gifts; aligning your work with your deepest values; earning a wonderful income whilst living your true calling.

All of this is possible and within your reach.

And Purpose Coaching will help you get there.

Is Purpose Coaching Right For Me?

Purpose Coaching is right for you if you are someone that longs to do what you love.

It’s that simple.

But let’s break it down…

Purpose Coaching is for you…

  • … if you are someone who has a deep yearning to live on purpose.
  • … if you have or haven’t found your true calling.
  • … if, when thinking about pursuing your purpose, you easily feel overwhelmed.
  • … even if you doubt the value of your knowledge and skills.
  • … even if you don’t have much time, money or motivation.
  • … if you feel fear, uncertainty or anxiety about moving forward.
  • … if obstacles keep cropping up when you try to make progress.
  • … if you can’t imagine anyone would pay you to do what you love.

  • What the research says

    Research has shown that there are many positive benefits to pursuing your passion:

    “…higher levels of physical health, psychological well-being, self-reported self-esteem, positive emotions, creativity, concentration, flow, work satisfaction, and increased congruence with other areas of one’s life.”

    Harvard Business Review

    “To find a dream job, look for:

    Work you’re good at; Work that helps others;
    Supportive conditions! – 80000hours.org

    What Qualifies Me To Coach You

    I have been blessed to do what I love for much of my career, but I haven’t always had my dream job and I’ve had periods of feeling lost and confused. I’ve experienced both sides and I know the obstacles, inner and outer, only too well.

    Beyond my personal experience, I have had the opportunity, in my 30 year career as a psychologist, coach and mentor, to guide thousands of individuals through their very own transitions…so I know what gets you through the challenging times…and that’s why I know that, if you are committed, I can get you the results you want! LEARN MORE


    Does Passion Increase Success?

    “Now, suppose I gave you a check for $10 million dollars today and told you that you could pursue any career path or start any business you wanted to, with no expectation that you would ever pay me back or generate a return on my investment. Now tell me what career you would pursue or what business would you want to begin.” It is amazing to hear how often their answers will change to something completely different. – forbes.com

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    How Passion Could Ruin Your Career

    Every business wants workers who passionately love their work. And for good reason: workers who are inspired are more productive, and passion can provide the energy necessary to fuel engagement, amidst obstacles and setbacks. But while passion seems clearly desirable, recent psychological research suggests that not all forms are adaptive. In fact, some forms can be downright detrimental. – hbr.org

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    Find Your Dream Job

    We reviewed over 60 studies about what makes for a dream job. Here’s what we found.
    We all want to find a dream job that’s enjoyable and meaningful, but what does that actually mean?

    Some people imagine that the answer involves discovering their passion through a flash of insight, while others think that the key elements of their dream job are that it be easy and highly paid. – 80000hours.org

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