Okay. Mistake Number Two.

I’m going to cut right to the chase on this one.

Stop Complaining & Start Acknowledging
People fail to appreciate the abundance they already have in their lives. That’s it. People spend too much time focused on what they do not have and very little time in a state of gratitude and thanks.

Let’s face it, most of us have so much to be thankful for. Fresh air, clean water, well-paying jobs, families who care, physical health. We are not fighting for freedom, safety, food, rights on a daily basis.

This brings to mind some people I know who are always complaining. Sure, they live kinda mediocre lives; average jobs, families, health – that kind of thing – nothing exceptional. However, they seem to forget they have the use of all 4 limbs, they have a job to turn up to every day, they are not systematically exploited or discriminated against, they have access to quality food and water whenever they need it, they have families that provide them a sense of belonging, they have a roof over their heads every night. I could go on…

I never hear these kind of people talk about the blessings in their life. Their brain is wired for misery and struggle. Its the classic broken record scenario. The same negative thoughts repeated day after day after day. And its important you understand that over time these habits become so entrenched in your brain’s neural networks that you will have to put up an enormous fight to overcome them. Negativity will become entrenched in the pathways of your brain.

How can you hope to attract more abundance into your life when you are in a state of lack? Of negativity? Of dissatisfaction with your lot in life. I’m here to tell you – it won’t happen!

You are an energetic being and you attract to your life exactly what you put out into the world. You emit vibrations constantly and what comes back to you is exactly the same vibe as what you regularly discharge. If you discharge negativity, then you will receive negativity. If you emit a state of lack, then you will draw the energy of lack to your life.


Start Today
If you want a more abundant life tomorrow, then you need to start appreciating ALL the abundance you already have today. Make a daily practice of gratitude. Set aside 5-15 minutes each day to do it consciously. And if you are finding it hard, focus on the simple things, the basics, be grateful for your breath, your bed, your clothes, your cat, your dinner. Give thanks for anything you can find to give thanks for starting now.

If you can record you gratitude in a diary all the better. Because when you write it out you engage the brain that little bit more and begin to make new neural pathways that will get stronger with time. I like to use an app like Day One to record my daily reflections of gratitude with a photo from the day. But you could also use a regular journal or just take those minutes to bring all the things you are grateful for into the front of your mind and say a quiet ‘thanks’ for those gifts. Keep this up for 30 days and by that time you will have built some momentum. Your brain will be changing, and so too, your life will begin to transform.

Of course, the more gratitude you express, then the more abundance you will draw back to you. So over time, extend this daily practice to an all day mindset shift, where you’re response to whatever enters your life is one of appreciation.

And if you want to get maximum boost from your daily gratitude practice – then focus on being grateful for the difficult stuff. The challenging boss. The annoying co-worker. The difficult child. The noisy neighbour. Find your most negative habitual thoughts and flush them out with acceptance. You don’t have to pretend to like your annoying boss, but you can bet that person is in your life to teach you something, so figure out what it is, be grateful for it and then move on!

I’m going to wrap it up there.

Activity to Complete

Your action is to start a daily practice tonight. Find 3 things, 5 things, 10 things to say thank-you for in your life today.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate you!

Michelle McClintock
Results Coach

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Michelle McClintock

Michelle McClintock

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