So you think you are on the path to manifesting total abundance in every area of life…?

Well, I’m about to show you why that’s probably not true…

I mean, everyone is talking up abundance these days. It’s a total buzzword here in Australia. It’s a social movement.

But the bad news is that most of you will fail to rise above mediocrity.

Now, in Australia, mediocrity is pretty reasonable. On the OECD index, we rate ourselves as:

  • 8.9 out of 10 for life satisfaction
  • 9.4 out of 10 for health; and
  • 8.5 for community
  • And that’s part of the problem. The majority of the Australian’s have access to a fairly reasonable standard of living. In many ways, this is a very lucky country.

    However, we also rate ourselves as:

  • 5.2 out of 10 for household income; and
  • 5.9 out of 10 for work-life balance

  • On the topic of household income, the OECD ‘Key Findings’ for the Australian population from 2015 states:

    “Household financial wealth is the total value of a household’s financial worth, such as money or shares held in bank accounts. In Australia, the average household net financial wealth per capita is estimated at USD 48 836, lower than the OECD average of USD 84 547.”

    That’s just above the half-way mark!

    The OECD website also states that in Australia:

    “the top 20% of the population earn more than five times as much as the bottom 20%”.

    So when it comes to income, it looks like only 1/5 of us are doing really, really well.

    As you can see above, we Australian’s also rate ourselves comparatively low for work-life balance. Yet our ability to balance work, life and family commitments is a key indicator of happiness and is core to our feeling of abundance.

    When you speak of abundance you are probably talking about or imagining yourself having:

  • Complete financial freedom (to live, do, buy and give as your choose)
  • Complete time freedom (to move, be and spend time as you choose)
  • Optimal levels of health and wellness (to provide optimal nourishment to body, mind & spirit)
  • A strongly loving and happy primary relationship (to realise true connection of your authentic self with another human being)
  • A supportive and loving community of family and friends (to have a deep sense of belonging, to feel valued and to contribute to the lives of others)

  • This is not an exhaustive list, but when I speak with people about abundance, these would be the main things they mention.

    So, what are the TOP 3 Mistakes People Make When Seeking Abundance and how can you get on the path to true abundance in your life right now…

    Here’s the Number 1 Mistake you are making:

    1. You haven’t seriously committed to abundance in your life.

    Listen, I know many of you think about abundance, dream about it, and want more abundance in your life…but how many of you have actually committed to achieving abundance in your life, NO MATTER WHAT!

    Abundance is a buzzword and the trick with buzzwords is they are very easy to say: “Oh yeah, I want abundance. I’m attracting abundance into my life.

    But what does that actually mean? Have you fully committed to it? Have you imagined what it would look like, feel like, sound like, smell like and taste like to live in full abundance? Have you committed to overcome every obstacle you encounter on the path to abundance? Are you going to see to it that it actually happens. Or are you just using your words.

    Your power to achieve anything in life begins with your ability to make a decision and commit to it with your full being; heart and soul, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in good health and bad. If you’re thinking about abundance then you have the potential to realise abundance in your life. But as Tony Robbins, says, potential is not enough. You need commitment to develop that potential.

    Why? Because abundance is a journey and there are going to be ups and downs. Guaranteed. You won’t realise abundance in an instant. It takes a time, effort, focus, clarity and practice. It may take decades of your life to bring everything up to this level. Have you committed to that? Or are you looking for a ‘quick fix’ – a sudden miracle?

    You see, abundance is not just more wealth, winning the lotto, or not having to work unless you want to…plenty of people have those things and are miserable, addicted, and living in pain or loneliness. Did you know that 65% of lottery winners end up bankrupt in 15 years or less. This is what happens when you do not have an abundance mindset. Money will just slip through your fingers. It wont stick with you.

    Abundance involves every area of your life…it must be balanced and holistic…and it requires your complete and utter dedication! Abundance may arrive in your life in the form of love, or friendship, or a beautiful home – while other areas are still unresolved. Keep at it. Don’t lose focus. Find the next area to develop and commit to that.

    Activity to Complete:

    1. So, if you haven’t taken this step already, then I suggest you sit down and close your eyes and begin to imagine your abundant life with all your senses. Write down exactly what you pictured or felt and try to flesh out even more detail, until it feels as though it is reality. Bring all the different areas of your life into focus (financial, spiritual, family, friendships, relationship, career & work, contribution) and imagine them in a state of abundance. Feel into it more; make more notes!!

    2.Then take your pen and paper and write out a statement of your commitment to creating abundance across every area of your life.

    Here’s a template you can use:

    I, _____________________________________ (full name) fully commit on this _____________ (today’s date), to do everything required of me to create a total state of abundance in my life, both internally and externally, physically and spiritually and I will never give up on this pursuit.

    Michelle McClintock
    Results Coach

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