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But first…let me say this: As a coach, I love to reward people who take positive action.

However, I have found that most people I meet are absolutely hopeless at rewarding themselves. People just don’t do it. Some are apathetic about it; others avoid it at all costs!

And yet it is such powerful way to support yourself through the process of change and feel more fulfilment on the journey.

Here’s a metaphor: imagine that change is like climbing Mt Everest. Now imagine that as you complete the very arduous climb to the summit of Mt Everest, you NEVER once stop and allow yourself to take in the incredible views. You just keep trudging up that mountain, looking only at your feet. Doesn’t sound very exciting does it. I mean you could almost say, WHAT’s THE POINT? The incredible views and the exhilaration you feel as you ascend, must surely be a big part of the experience…you want to take in the whole experience, you want to see how far you have climbed so far, you want to enjoy the benefits of the elevated position… Right???

And yet this is exactly what we do in life…

I want to break that habit and encourage more self-rewarding…so here’s a little reward for you…three of my favourite inspirational books. Books that will help you scale the mountains of life and enjoy the benefits of an elevated view:

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