“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

– C.S. Lewis


Create Your Ultimate Life

What Are You Passionate About? And What Is It You Really Want Out Of Life?

More and more people are looking for deep and lasting fulfilment, but it seems that only a handful have actually managed to create a life that truly meets their needs, honours their dreams and sustains them financially, emotionally and spiritually.

I believe that when we find our life purpose, connect to our passion, and find a way to make a living doing what we love, then we secure a path that is inherently fulfilling. That’s because our true purpose creates a deep alignment between self and the world.

When you do what you love, your life begins to make sense, to flow, to energise and sustain you. Opportunities begin to flow your way. Roadblocks disappear. You feel clear, focused, alive and passionately engaged in everything you do!

Finding your purpose is like having the master-key to sustainable fulfilment.

And that’s why my focus is on life-purpose coaching. 

You see, when we focus the process of life coaching on discovering and clarifying your unique life purpose, then all the areas of your life that haven’t been working, begin to fall into line – your relationships, your financial situation, your energy, your health, your spirituality, your mindset, your home environment, your productivity – everything!

I see it happen all the time. It’s quite miraculous actually. Purpose clarifies! Passion motivates!

Having said that, I cover a lot of ground with my coaching clients, and no topic is off the menu.

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Or book in now for one of my complimentary ‘IGNITE’ sessions; these sessions are designed to IGNITE your passion, clarify your purpose, and spark your motivation.


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What People Are Saying About Michelle

Don't take my word for it, listen to what my client's say about their results...


Michelle, coaching with you is what I would call "coaching without coaching", and personally I think this is the gift that you have; to be able to lead a person without them knowing they are being led, to be able to take them to a place where they find their own answers, without feeling pushed or coerced or overly challenged is wonderful to experience. It is the best coaching experience I have ever had - ABSOLUTELY!

Claire A, Brisbane, QLD.

Michelle is a wonderful down-to-earth no-nonsense but caring coach, gently helping you identify your purpose and pitfalls, with clear outcomes in mind. She is very approachable and has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Su Tindall, Mt Samson, QLD.

Michelle is the consummate professional who greets you as you are and respectively shows you how to reach your hidden potential. A truly wonderful service.

Sinead Mitchell, Fareham, UK.

Michelle’s gentle, non-judgemental, safe and insightful approach to working with me was a great experience. I was amazed how big an impact changing my thought patterns around a particular issue could have. The issue I went to her with (unresolved for over 20-years) has completely dissipated. Couldn’t recommend her more highly - in fact, I have recommended her to others who have had similar life-changing results - thank you Michelle

Deb Morrison, Samford, QLD.

Thank you so much Michelle, for this powerful session and for all our sessions. You’ve helped me so much through this difficult time. I love the way you are. You’re calm and wise and you help me feel calm too. I love how the session flows in different directions depending on where the focus needs to be in that moment…

Beth, Samford, QLD.

Michelle was born for this. Solid advice and understanding is second nature to her. I cannot thank her enough for the work she's done with me.

David Woods, Alderley, QLD.

At first I was unsure about the benefits of coaching but as soon as I signed up for Michelle's blog, and downloaded her free coaching programme I understood clearly. These days I look forward to each of our discussions - Michelle creates a safe and encouraging space to reflect, challenge yourself, and take risks. Her extensive experience is evident in every interaction and with her guidance I am becoming a better version of my true self.

Nicole Pearce, Holland Park, QLD.

I have found Michelle to be very knowledgeable, sincere and an excellent practitioner and I would highly recommend her services. Not only is she very easy to talk to but she is very patient and understanding.

Monika Webb, Kobble Creek, QLD.

Michelle, thank you so much for taking the time to coach me through a big challenge today. I’m not sure what you were up to in your day today, but you just dropped it and gave me your time and attention. To do what I just did was huge…that was a massive "level-up" in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Russell, Byron Bay, NSW

What Happens In A Coaching Session

The scope of a typical coaching session will include one or more of the following...

Life Purpose Coaching

When we love what we do, we experience greater levels of happiness and fulfilment. Work is a massive part of life, and it can be drudgery or an opportunity to share your unique gifts and talents with the world…

Mindset Mastery Coaching

Your mindset is critical to your success. Do you fear failure, focus on your inadequacies, struggle with procrastination or lack follow through? Then your mindset may be holding you back…

High Performance Coaching

Do you want to take your performance and your life to the next level? Are you someone who wants to get more and give more to every day? Would you like to learn the habits that create and sustain success…?


Get moving towards your dreams! Your 5-Step Guide will be delivered to your inbox pronto!

You'll also receive extra bonuses and powerful coaching tips from me!!