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Life Coaching For You

Are you living your best life? [Stop and really check in with yourself…?] If the answer is ‘No’, then you are not alone…

Most people are living a long way short of their best life…The vast majority are settling…too afraid to go for what they really want and deserve.

And often it is simple mindset stuff that’s holding them back:

  • low confidence and self-worth
  • limiting beliefs around love, money, career
  • excessive worry, stress and perfectionism
  • lack of clarity around purpose and vision
  • low motivation, energy and drive
  • unsure how to create a plan/systems for the life they want

Ok, so now imagine being able to show up in your life with energy, presence and authenticity.

Imagine being able to create a life that is truly fulfilling…

Imagine being able to find inner peace and live with real joy!

Business Mindset Coaching

Are you ready to go “next level” with your business but not sure how to break through and feel like you are treading water?

Would you like to create something sustainable and impactful?? How clear are you on the message you want to share? What about your vision for you biz? Is that super clear?

Have you been struggling with motivation, focus, confidence or procrastination? Do you ever wonder “Am I sabotaging my own success?”

Do you want to let go of limiting beliefs, have more courage and be more authentic in your biz?

Whatever is happening in your business – it’s a reflection of you and your mindset: Your conscious and unconscious beliefs. Your fears, doubts and lack of clarity.

So if you really want to succeed in your biz…you need a mindset coach who can help you overcome whatever is holding you back.

Michelle, coaching with you is what I would call "coaching without coaching", and personally I think this is the gift that you have; to be able to lead a person without them knowing they are being led, to be able to take them to a place where they find their own answers, without feeling pushed or coerced or overly challenged is wonderful to experience. It is the best coaching experience I have ever had - ABSOLUTELY!

Claire A, Brisbane, QLD.

Michelle is a wonderful down-to-earth no-nonsense but caring coach, gently helping you identify your purpose and pitfalls, with clear outcomes in mind. She is very approachable and has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Su Tindall, Mt Samson, QLD.

Michelle is the consummate professional who greets you as you are and respectively shows you how to reach your hidden potential. A truly wonderful service.

Sinead Mitchell, Fareham, UK.

Michelle’s gentle, non-judgemental, safe and insightful approach to working with me was a great experience. I was amazed how big an impact changing my thought patterns around a particular issue could have. The issue I went to her with (unresolved for over 20-years) has completely dissipated. Couldn’t recommend her more highly - in fact, I have recommended her to others who have had similar life-changing results - thank you Michelle

Deb Morrison, Samford, QLD.

I would rate my session with Michelle a 10 out of 10. I feel so confident right now, and so clear about what I want to do with my life.

R.N, Chicago, USA

Thank you so much Michelle, for this powerful session and for all our sessions. You’ve helped me so much through this difficult time. I love the way you are. You’re calm and wise and you help me feel calm too. I love how the session flows in different directions depending on where the focus needs to be in that moment…

Beth, Samford, QLD.

Michelle was born for this. Solid advice and understanding is second nature to her. I cannot thank her enough for the work she's done with me.

David Woods, Alderley, QLD.

At first I was unsure about the benefits of coaching but as soon as I signed up for Michelle's blog, and downloaded her free coaching programme I understood clearly. These days I look forward to each of our discussions - Michelle creates a safe and encouraging space to reflect, challenge yourself, and take risks. Her extensive experience is evident in every interaction and with her guidance I am becoming a better version of my true self.

Nicole Pearce, Holland Park, QLD.

I have found Michelle to be very knowledgeable, sincere and an excellent practitioner and I would highly recommend her services. Not only is she very easy to talk to but she is very patient and understanding.

Monika Webb, Kobble Creek, QLD.

Michelle, thank you so much for taking the time to coach me through a big challenge today. I’m not sure what you were up to in your day today, but you just dropped it and gave me your time and attention. To do what I just did was huge…that was a massive "level-up" in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Russell, Byron Bay, NSW

Michelle truly is a master at seeing a different perspective and showing a way through. Her coaching techniques draw on extensive experience and knowledge and really work. Michelle helped guide me through some of the toughest times and I really did become significantly better at life.

Bryan P, Brisbane, QLD

Thank you again for your support! ‘Fear=Excitement’. ‘Acceptance, but doesn’t mean you have to stay where you are’. I often think of these phrases these days.

M.O, Western Suburbs Brisbane, QLD

When I started coaching, I was lacking the confidence I needed to make a long overdue change in my career. I was feeling anxious, indecisive and was not sleeping well. Michelle helped me gain clarity about what I really wanted, and she gave me tangible practices tailored to my situation. Within a few sessions, I made the decision to walk away from an unsupportive workplace where my career had effectively stalled; and through coaching I rediscovered the confidence and self-belief I needed to attend management-level job interviews, and be successful. I now have a wonderful new position and I am so much happier.

A.R, Brisbane, QLD

Courage, Risks & Rewards

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Nothing can change in your life if you do not access your courage, open up and take some healthy risks. Life rewards those who take action; those who play it ‘safe’ fall into stagnation, mediocrity and boredom. That’s why I created this 5-PART SELF-COACHING PROGRAM:

Would You Like To…

Stop Feeling Stuck, Defeated & Frustrated By Yourself & Your Life?

Stop Playing It Safe & Access Your Courage?

Learn To Trust Your Intuition & Take Healthy Chances?

Confidently Create Your Most Fulfilling Life?

Mindset & Resilience

 You want to manage difficult environments or challenging situations, while staying calm and centred, and learning to bounce back quickly.

Confidence & Relationships

You want more confidence in your self, in your skills, in your social interactions. If only you could learn how to generate confidence at will. 

Vision & Purpose

You want to live on purpose and to have clear direction moving forward. You're here to help others and create a life that's more fulfilling and meaningful.

Peak Performance

You want to excel in all areas of life, including career, relationships, finances and health. You know how to achieve, but you want work-life balance and sustainable success.

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Life Coaching is a strategic process that helps people to quickly transform any part of their life, including their personal life, relationships or business life. Coaching focuses on RESULTS and ACTION and is FUTURE-FOCUSED and EMPOWERING. Coaching can help you with overcoming specific challenges, reaching certain goals, erasing limiting beliefs that hold you back, and increasing the overall quality of your life.

As such, COACHING is for anyone who is committed to creating sustainable and powerful change, such as developing mastery in a particular sphere of life or taking their entire life to a new level!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

-C.S. Lewis

What is the Process?
Results coaching is primarily about turning insight into action.

There are four main stages to the process:

1. CLARITY: First, we get super clear about what you want to achieve. It might be finding your purpose, feeling more confident, improving your health, or changing your career.

2. INSIGHT: Then, we’ll explore the obstacles, emotional blocks and/or limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I’ll show you how to overcome them, and adopt new, more empowering thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

3. ACTION: Next, I help you design a strategy (action plan) and system (new habits) that will enable you to reach your goals, and transform your life, as effortlessly as possible.

4. ACCOUNTABILITY: Finally, my most important role as your coach is to keep you accountable to the action plan we design for you. There is no change without action, and taking action is easier when you know you will be held accountable.

Is coaching appropriate for me?
If you are ready for change, and willing to work hard, then coaching is absolutely for you!

If you are looking to focus on difficult past life events, such as trauma or abuse, or if you are experiencing severe anxiety or depression that impacts your current behaviour or state of mind, then coaching may not be for you at this time. I’d recommend that you seek counselling until you are ready to focus on where you want to go with your life and have the emotional space to create change in your life.

If you are unsure, sign up for a complimentary 1:1 session and we can discuss your readiness for coaching in more depth and, if we decide now is not the right time, then I can help you work out a plan to move towards coaching readiness.

What is the difference between coaching and other professional approaches?
Counselling & Psychology
Counselling & therapy deal primarily with dysfunction, healing emotional pain and inner and outer conflict. The therapist’s focus in on creating a space for past and current pain/trauma/difficulty to be heard and acknowledged, and applying their skills & techniques in order to help the individual move through their pain, improve their emotional functioning, and cope better with day to day life. Therapists are also trained to work with serious mental health issues and complex emotional issues, such as grief. The therapist provides a non-judgemental and safe space for reflection and emotional healing.

Consultants are industry experts that are retained by executives, leaders or organisations for the purposes of improving their performance through access to specialist knowledge. Consultants tend to take an overview and diagnose problems within an organisations or individuals approach to what they do. They will then provide suggested solutions to remedy the situation. There is often a focus on improving the bottom line, the culture with a work-place, or taking leaders to the next level in their career.

Mentors guide from their own experience, either professional, personal or both. They share openly about their journey and use their experiences as teaching stories. A coach may mentor other coaches, usually as part of the coaching services they offer.

A coach supports personal or professional growth, change and development. Coaching is future-focused and in the pursuit of specific goals. Your coach will likely help you to outline a clear goal or vision, and identify the step-by-step actions needed to reach your goal. Both goals and actions come primarily from within the individual, and the coach believes that each person carries their own solutions within them, providing the focus and awareness to bring these solutions clearly to the surface. Coaching aims to quickly increase your independence from your coach, to teach you to be resourceful between sessions, so you learn the skills to be self-sufficient in maintaining your life-change. The emphasis in coaching is on accountability, action taking, mindset-change, discovery and curiosity.

What is unique about Michelle's approach to coaching?
I bring something very unique to the coaching environment, and that is a high level of awareness which has been fine-tuned over 30-years of intensive professional training and practice, as well as through my ongoing commitment to professional supervision, education, inner work and mediation.

What do you mean by awareness and why does awareness matter?
Awareness is central to the change process. Without awareness, the ability to change voluntarily is basically impossible. I use my ability to quiet my mind, clear all distractions in order to focus on you and your goals.

This capacity for high-level awareness allows me to focus intently on what you say and how you say it, as well as what is not said (including meaningful synchronicities), to completely understand the dynamics of your life circumstance, and this enables me to identify exactly what is blocking you from creating change, as well as the fastest, most effective method to bring change into your situation.
I use curiosity, radical questioning and humour, as well as deep compassion and a non-judgemental approach, in order to create a change-focused environment that will see you moving confidently and quickly towards your goals.

What are your skills and training?
I originally trained and practiced as a counsellor and psychologist, working in various organisations for 10 years, before going into private practice as a Psychologist for 12 years. During this time, I undertook intensive training as a change facilitator and coach, and I continue my training to this day. I am always learning and working to stay up to date with the most cutting-edge change techniques in order to get you there faster.

More recently, I completed an ICF (International Coaches Federation) recognised Coaching qualification, and I will soon be registered with the ICF (this requires over 100 hours of coaching).

Over the past 18 months I have sought out and trained with some of the world’s most skilled and respected coaches including Brendon Burchard, Jim Kwik, Lisa Nichols, Benjamin Harvey and Vishen Lakhiani. I also engage weekly in my own personal and business coaching, because if I am not moving forward, then how can I help you to move forward?

So, in summary, I bring 30-years of relevant knowledge and experience to my role as your coach. My comprehensive understanding of the change process will enable you to rapidly shift any internal obstacles, take massive action towards your goals, and make the mindset changes that will keep you in your success zone.

I am privileged to have studied with world-class trainers in psychology, facilitation and change. Throughout my career, I have worked with thousands of individuals, many small and large groups as well as leaders and organisations in Australia and around the world. I have also coached many, many therapists, health practitioners and coaches to establish successful and thriving businesses.
I am an internationally recognised coach and change facilitator.

How long will I need to work with a coach?
Of course, this varies for people and is, in the end, completely up to you!

It depends on your current situation, your goals, how intent you are on getting there, as well as how resourced you are in your life right now.

Three to six months is probably the minimum period, where there is a single focus and the individual is well-resourced prior to coaching, or able to take massive action towards their desired change.

For others, a coaching relationship can last for 12 months or more. In longer term coaching, I recommend you take a break once or twice a year for a month, to keep things fresh and focused.

To summarise, there are several factors that may influence the length of coaching required, such as the types of goals, your inner and outer resources that you bring to the coaching process, the frequency of coaching sessions, and your commitment and ability to take action between sessions.

How do I know if you are the right coach for me?
Coaching is a partnership, so it is essential we both feel we can work together effectively to move you towards your goals or vision. This is in part the purpose of the complimentary IGNITE Session. I have very clear criteria for the kind of coaching clients I will work with, and I would encourage you to get as clear as you can about the qualities you would find in your ideal coach.

Research or interview a number of coaches and take notes as this will help you to clarify who you feel is the best match for you. Ask each coach about their experience, specialities and strengths. Consider how their skills, style and approach might support you to reach your goals. Ultimately, you need to feel confident that the coach you choose can help you get where you want to go!

Once you have decided, be prepared to be involved and design your partnership with your coach. Be organised and clarify your goals for each session in advance.

A good coach will give you an initial questionnaire to help you clarify exactly what you want to focus on and get out of coaching. This will also highlight potential challenges. Fill out the questionnaire in detail and as truthfully as possible.

If concerns or issues come up in the coaching relationship, be proactive and raise your concerns with your coach.

About Me

I am Michelle McClintock – a professional life coach with 30-years experience in change work.

For as long as I can remember, I have been deeply interested in human potential, growth and change. I guess you could call me a growth-geek!

In fact, it’s been my life’s mission to understand the exact mechanisms, skills and habits that enable people to overcome adversity, grow through life’s challenges and fulfil their highest potential.

Find Your LIFE Purpose…  



Would You Like To…

Get Clear About Your Life Purpose?

Confidently Leave The World of 9-5?

Pursue Your Passion and Create Your Own Business?

Do Work That's Meaningful and Fulfilling?

You Can Find Your PURPOSE!

You Deserve To Do What YOU LOVE!!

Stop dreaming about quitting your day job…

Stop feeling stuck and confused…

Let me help you get started…


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Get Back in the Driver's Seat

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Find Your Purpose. Set Your Goals. Create More Fulfilment. Invest In Yourself.

I work with people who are ready to get more from their life; who want to take things to the next level; who are yearning for more fulfilment, purpose, peace and joy. You don’t have to know exactly what you want, you just have to know that you are sick of things the way they are and ready for something new.

I’ll help you understand what’s holding you back, and from our very first session I will have you taking non-threatening, life-changing action.

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